Web Applications

Professional Web Site Design Services

You are probably looking for a Web developer that creates high quality sites without charging high prices. If so, Mindkraft is a perfect match for your needs. Our design skills rate at the top of the industry and our prices don''t.

Mindkraft has a worldwide client base and many years of experience in professional web site designing and programming. Our sites are created with a solid foundation of functionality, beauty, and simplicity. They are designed specifically to provide your customers with the information they want quickly and easily.

Mindkraft takes pride in the finished product we submit to our clients. Our devotion to simplicity, beauty, and functionality is second to none, and customer satisfaction has always been the driving force behind our work.

What can be done?
  •     High-impact Web Site Design and Layout
  •     Online Catalog Layout
  •     Custom Order Form Production
  •     Java Scripting
  •     HTMl,DHTML
  •     Database connectivity
  •     FLASH animation
  •     Secure e-commerce business solutions
  •     FTP file serving
  •     Dedicated or shared hosting
  •     And much more..