The Mindkraft use their industry experience to drive a programmed of commercial initiatives informed by the expertise, research and facilities of the academic departments in which they work.

When you sign up with our company, you are sure to open a new array of possibilities for your organization. We understand your trade and our experienced and well qualified team of more than 200 dedicated and professional software developers has the skill and knowledge to help your business grow in the direction you want to take it. In all these years, we have marked a respectable position in providing industry expertise.

Our capabilities include consultancy research; short courses and continuing professional development; business premises and knowledge transfer schemes to help you maximize graduate expertise.

Whether you are an accounting firm, a winery operation or anywhere in between, IT are highly knowledgeable and who are familiar with the unique issues and needs of hundreds of different industries. This specialized industry knowledge, means providing you with the right combination of credit and cash managing solutions to help reach your strategic and operational objectives of MKIT.

Most IT organizations require many different technical skill sets to run their systems effectively. To acquire strategic skills in a timely and cost-effective manner, many companies top management turn to MK for quality IT solutions.

Below is a small sampling of our areas of expertise:

- Healthcare

- Pharmacy

- Biotech

- Brokerage and Insurance

- Finance and Banking

- Insurance

- Retail